Disability Insurance


What to do if your policy contains an exclusion, rating, or modification.

I bet I see it at least once a month. A disability insurance application gets approved, however that approval comes ...
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Protecting Your Biggest Asset

When people think of their most valuable asset they often think of their home, their 401(k), or their new car.  ...
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Five Myths About Income Protection – Debunked

A simple yes or no question:  If you could set aside a small portion of your current income to protect ...
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blood draw

Apply for Coverage Without Giving Blood

If you are healthy and want to purchase a disability insurance policy without having to give blood, you’re in luck. ...
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What Not to Tell Your Doctor

If you have ever applied for life, health, or disability insurance, you know the insurance company is going to want ...
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group insurance

Group Disability Insurance – What you don’t know can cost you

If you work for an employer that offers long term disability insurance you have no need for an individual policy, ...
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“Own Occupation” Disability Insurance

From the time you start dental school, to wherever you are in your career now, I’m sure you’ve heard that ...
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price vs value

You Get What You Pay For

In the insurance world it’s very hard to overpay, or under pay for a policy.  Each company employs a team ...
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The only thing that hurts more than paying income taxes is not having an income to tax

How much are your hands worth?  As a dentist you have put a lot of time and money to get ...
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Disability Insurance Premium – Graded vs. Level

Once you make the decision that you need income protection, and you find a policy that fits your needs, now ...
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