4 Ways To Relieve Occupational Stress and Burnout in Dentistry

4 Ways To Relieve Occupational Stress and Burnout in Dentistry

Most people don’t realize how stressful dentistry is because most dentists make the job look so good. Behind the scenes, though, you deal with all different types of stress. Money, time, and safety are huge concerns when you’re a dentist, but that doesn’t mean you must stress about it all the time. While there are more than four ways to relieve occupational stress and burnout in dentistry, here are the best ways to begin.

Take Breaks

Most dentists say that maintaining high levels of concentration while under tight time constraints is one of their main causes of stress. Your concern about your ability to deliver for your patients is compounded by the stress you feel from needing to get through the appointment quickly so that your business will make more money. As such, you should build in time throughout the day to give yourself a break so that your stress does not turn into burnout.

Go on Vacation

Before your stress levels reach burnout, take an extended break and go on vacation. As a dentist, you will likely need to schedule this time and ask another dentist to step in for you or close your office for a period. Use your vacation time to do something entertaining rather than sitting around in a hotel or resort. You could catch a game, see a show, or head to a lake or the ocean to enjoy the water.

Pro Tip: If you must close your office, try to do it around a holiday when most people won’t be looking for dental work.

Practice Mindfulness

Dentists face a great deal of pressure in their professional lives. Beginning in school, they must be mindful of specific practices and financial responsibilities. Many dentists often have student loans to pay on top of a business to run. Additionally, you must protect your staff and your patients from radiation, pathogens, and other hazards. And you must protect yourself from musculoskeletal disorders and malpractice lawsuits. Therefore, practicing mindfulness can help to calm your nerves and put things in perspective.

Work Out

Dentists should exercise throughout the day to keep their back, neck, and shoulders limber. You can prevent musculoskeletal disorders by staying in shape. Burnout can happen when your body can’t handle the physical requirements of your job, which could force you into early retirement. Practice good posture and stretch your muscles in between treatments.

Share these four ways to relieve occupational stress and burnout in dentistry with your co-workers or staff. It is important for everyone in your office to avoid burnout. Further, acquiring dentist disability insurance is the best way to protect your income and your family if you become injured and cannot continue treating patients. Talk to an agent at Dentist Disability Insurance today by visiting our website.

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