Why Dentists Need Disability Insurance

Why Dentists Need Disability Insurance

One of the most common mistakes new dentists make when entering the field is declining dentist disability insurance. You may think you know the tricks to avoid an injury, or you may not be aware that it is possible to get hurt at all. However, experts who have been working in the field for several years know that there are many reasons why dentists need disability insurance. You don’t want to wait until it is too late.

Common Injuries From Working in Dentistry

While dentists’ jobs are not dangerous in the same way that construction workers’ and firefighters’ jobs are, dentistry comes with its own challenges. Because they sit at a desk all day, dentists and their staff are subject to repetitive strain injuries (RSI) due to craning, crooking, and other posturing issues. Dentist disability insurance is necessary for doctors and staff who may incur harm that develops over a period.

Neck Pain

The positions that dentists and hygienists work in cause strain to the neck, core, and back. Excessive neck pain can lead to problems with sleep, chronic pain, and arthritis. Over time, the stress from being hunched over patients all day will result in pain to the areas of the body that have to compensate.

Back Pain

The slow development of workplace injuries caused by working in dentistry can lead to other problems if they are not taken care of. You may start to compensate for your neck and shoulder pain by relying on your back. Many do not realize they are doing this until it is too late, and they are already in the throes of chronic back pain.

Elbow and Hand Dysfunction

Dentists and hygienists rely on their hands more than any other part of the body. The strain caused by repeatedly using cleaning and polishing tools may lead to carpal tunnel (hands) or cubital tunnel (elbow) syndrome. Once these conditions set in, work becomes difficult.

Mental Illness

Though it is not a common topic among medical doctors, many experience addiction and mental health problems. The suicide rate for dentists is twice as high as the general population. Like RSIs, poor mental health develops over time and is often only noticed after the problem has already gone too far.

Obtain a Disability Income Plan for Dentists

If you are a dentist, you could become temporarily or permanently disabled due to the nature of your work. Recovering from surgery, participating in an addiction treatment program, or even losing your ability to work and support yourself due to a workplace injury will necessitate long-term disability insurance. Once you understand why dentists need disability insurance, contact our agents, and request a quote.

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