Disability Insurance for Prosthodontist

At Dentists Disability Insurance, we design true own-occupation disability insurance that protects you in your specialty. If you become totally disabled and a covered illness or injury leaves you unable to work as a general dentist, you will receive full benefits even if you decide to work in another occupation.

Disability Insurance for Prosthodontist

Long term vs short term disability insurance for Prosthodontist Expand

Short term disability usually lasts for 3-6 months and is intended to cover you immediately following a serious illness or injury.  In the event that you are out of work as a Prosthodontist for longer than 6 months it is important that you have long term disability own-occupation insurance in order to maintain income replacement. If your condition keeps you out of work past the end of your short term disability benefit period a long term disability plan can pay you all the way to retirement, depending on your plan.

What is own-occupation disability Insurance for Prosthodontist Expand

An own-occupation insurance policy for Prosthodontist covers individuals who become disabled and are unable to perform the majority of their duties in their specific field of study. This is in contrast to a standard any-occupation disability plan which would require the insured to be deemed fully disabled and unable to work at all. With an own-occupation disability plan you would receive compensation in the event you can no longer practice Dentistry, regardless of income earned in another occupation.


Additional Riders to protect you as a Prosthodontist

Own-Occupation Rider for Prosthodontist Expand

This is what makes the policy designed for your specific occupation as a Prosthodontist.  If you become sick or injured and can’t perform the specific duties of a Dentist, you will receive full benefits from your policy regardless of income earned while working in another occupation.


Partial Disability Rider for Prosthodontist Expand

Many illnesses start off slow.  While you may still be able to work as a General Dentist, you might not be able to work as many hours or perform all your duties.  If you have a partial loss of income, you will receive partial benefits from your disability policy.

Future Insurability Insurance Rider for Prosthodontist Expand

As your income grows, this rider guarantees your ability to buy more insurance without medical underwriting

Cost of Living Rider for Prosthodontist Expand

If you become sick or injured and can’t work for a long period of time, this rider will keep your disability payment in pace with inflation.  This rider will increase your benefit by 3% or 6% based on the actual consumer price index (CPIU).

Student Loan Rider for Prosthodontist Expand

Have you ever heard of a Student Loan Rider? We represent some carriers that will reimburse you for student loan payments over a 10 to 15 year period. In the event that you become disabled before your loans are paid off you can have the peace of mind knowing that your Student Loan Debt as a Dentist is covered.

Catastrophic Disability Rider for Prosthodontist Expand

If your disability is severe and leaves you needing assistance with daily living, this rider will pay an additional monthly benefit.

More Information for Prosthodontist

Why Prosthodontist choose Dentists Disability Insurance Expand

We work solely with clients in the dental industry so we understand the coverages you need in the event you become disabled and can no longer work in your field of study. Most insurance  companies offer insurance to a broad group of healthcare professionals. By focusing exclusively on the dental industry, we have a wealth of knowledge and can guide you with unbiased advice to protect your income. 

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